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  News & Views:  
  News & Views 1 (6 Poems) (pdf)  
  The Great Mimic (pdf)  
  Long Blond Hair 2402 (pdf)  
  Woman Who Wanted A Baby (pdf)  
  Up A Tree (pdf)  
  Nina Simone's Gum 2023 (pdf)  
  Cat Rescue 2023 (pdf)  
  Once Upon A Time 2022 (pdf)  
  Covid Flight Delay 2021 (pdf)  
  Letter Home 2021 (pdf)  
  Covid Dream Diary 2020 (pdf)  
  Reading Prose Poems (pdf)  
  Spider Ants  
  Red Shoes  
  Granny Smith  
  The Ringing of Bells  
  Halloween Stories  
  Passing Time Play  
  Around The Lake  
  The TV Window  
  Night day-dreaming 2002  
  Dusting The Moon 2006  
  Ultima Thule  
  Growing Old  
  How I See It  
  Baggage - A 20 minute play  
  Eponymous Stories:  
  From Captain Ettbeck  
  Short Texts:  
  Flash Faction 2404 (1. story Vertigo)  
  Flash Faction 2403 (2. stories)  
  Flash Faction 2311 (1. story)  
  Flash Faction 2308 (2. stories)  
  Flash Faction 2309 (5. stories)  
  Flash Faction 2308 (1. story - Underground Journey)  
  Sofas & Subsidence  
  Navel Exercise  
  As It Is Series:  
  As It Is 01 1998  
  As It Is 02 1998  
  As It Is 03 1998  
  As It Is 04 1998  
  As It Is 05 2001  
  Terry has asked that the texts be displayed as his original Word Documents with white text on a black background which is easier for partially-sighted people. Viewers are invited to copy and paste the text into any Reading Progarmmes they use.  
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